My African Dream!

I believe I am one person who is very passionate about the development of Africa and its people. And more than anything else I believe that the key to any kind of development is love and unity of purpose. I dream of an Africa without war, poverty or xenophobia. I dream of an Africa united […]

Multiculturalism: Love and Let Live…

It’s the 21st century and welcome to the Global Village. It’s so easy to look back and harvest hatred from past experiences but its all in the past…slavery, racism, colonisation..all of it. It hurt, and some days it still resonates, aches…pains but today is a new day.. It’s time to move forward, forgive and forget. […]

The Number One Cause of War

I have never been one to dwell much on politics because I have always felt that I am too emotional for it. However, over the last few months I have found myself coming face to face with much of  the chaos that is going on in politics especially influenced by religious differences. Its all around […]