“Black people are useless in nature and incapable of flying” This is a direct quote I took from the movie Red Tails, a movie that tells the story of how black aviators fought racial segregation and eventually became distinguished airmen. You should watch it! In the time era portrayed by the movie, very few whites […]

Reconnecting With The Kid in Me

Part 1 of 3 It was about 23 years ago in the dusty streets of a ghetto suburb called Dombotombo when I fell in love with flying.As a very young child there was nothing visibly unique about me that set me apart from any of the other kids in the neighborhood, except this burning desire […]

Failure is not the problem

Picture this:A 25 year old guy is high above the English countryside,flying an ancient type of airplane that has an open cockpit. His goggles keep blurring as the freezing wind mixes with a mist from the exhaust smoke.His nostrils are filled with a terrible odour of engine fumes.He is shivering, possibly from the cold but […]