Top 7 Reasons To Become Cabin Crew

Top 7 Reasons To Become Cabin Crew

TOP 7 REASONS TO BECOME CABIN CREW Here are 7 awesome reasons why we think YOU should become cabin crew. Take a peek at our list,  we believe it’s totally worthy of your consideration. Go through it and make your decision!   1. Get Paid To Travel This is definitely a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want […]

African Women In Aviation: A Story of Passion, Struggles and Hope

african women in aviation

A Story Of Passion, Struggles and Hope African Women In Aviation – Success in aviation, or anywhere else, is never a matter of luck. It only comes as a result of dedicated hard work. But for women, the rise to aviation success can be a little harder than the rest of mankind`s as oftentimes they […]

African Aviation – A Place Where Dreams Come To Die!!

Aviation in Africa

AVIATION IN AFRICA – A GRAVEYARD A few days ago, we were having a lunch meeting with fellow African aviators. I should dare say most of these aviators are more of enthusiasts that active aviators as they have gone for long periods of time without as much as smelling a hint of avgas. Reason being?? Well, […]

Africa, Your Time To Fly Is Now!

Good morning High flyers. Today is Africa day and I want to introduce you to the ‘father of black aviation’, Alfred “Chief” Anderson. Interested in flying from a young age, this African American saved enough money by the time he was twenty to take flying lessons, but could not find a school that would accept […]

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

candle loses nothing

Some time ago in 2009, my flight instructor and I were preparing for a routine flight when a young girl came to us and asked “Guys, I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot. What must I do to qualify?” My instructor answered quickly, “You need to have a diploma in a Science program and […]

Waiting is a trap sometimes

It has been a very busy day for me today and as I was getting ready to rest a few minutes ago, some questions came to my mind: 1.How many Africans have ever been into space? 2.Why do we not have a jumbo jet manufacturing plant in Africa? 3.Do we know of an African who […]

If You Want To Become A Pilot.

Trainee Pilot Yadley

The average member of the public has an outdated perception of what it is to be a commercial pilot. If you are an aspiring pilot, I hope these posts are motivating you and providing you with guidance on what you are embarking on before you commit huge amounts of time, energy and money. It’s worth […]

Simple Solutions …Continued

Good morning High Flyers. Last week we talked about how simple solutions can save the world. Let’s continue a bit on that before we progress to even more greater issues. After looking at the strategy of Continental Airlines, we learnt that: In the search for answers, the world is attracted to people who present answers […]

THE DREAM TO FLY (For those who want to become Pilots/Cabin Crew members)

Alright guys, its been weeks now since we have been motivating each other, drawing lessons from airlines and sharing on key leadership issues. The next phase of posts will be specific for those who really want to become pilots/cabin crew but are facing insurmountable difficulties in trying to be so. I am not worried about […]