Not so long ago in Accra, the capital and most populous city of Ghana, a young woman was born. Her mother named her `Efuah` which naturally means `born on a Friday`. A quick calendar check proves that indeed she was born on a beautiful Friday. Like any other African girl, Rita Efuah Ainsoh-Agabos grew up with so many dreams for herself and for her family.


Going for the more difficult career path…

Whilst most of her age mates settled comfortably in the pursuit of ordinary careers, Rita chose a slightly more difficult avenue: aviation. Aviation is an industry that is highly capital intensive to get a qualification in and it is also hugely male dominated. A good example of the gender imbalance in the industry is the number of female pilots in the world. Statistics have shown that out of the over 135 000 pilots in the world, only about 4,000 are women. That is much less than 5% of the total! This imbalance means that young women like Rita have to fight a lot of stereotyping in this male-dominated field.

But this does not deter this bright and beautiful girl who aspires to become a Flight Attendant. She still wants to be involved in the adventure of flight and seeks greater things for the aviation industry at large. Her determination proves that challenges can be conquered and that you have to be daring to shine in your own way.

A beauty with brains….

Rita Efuah

The ever-smiling Rita is not just a beauty but is a beauty with brains. She proudly holds an Associate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Professional Studies. There she studied key modules like Work Integrated Learning, Computer Literacy and Applied Marketing Psychology. As if that is not enough, she also holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Knutsford University College. When we asked her what her Professional Objective is, she intelligently replied,

I aspire to contribute my hardworking personality, my experience in delivering excellent customer service and my passion for the aviation industry to ensuring every passenger leaves our aircraft fully satisfied and happy, having had a unique and memorable flying experience from start to finish.”

Isn’t she lovely? This is different from what most young aviation enthusiasts want. Most aspiring aviators are focused on what they can get out of the industry – for example, flying a big jet aircraft from city to city or earning a lion`s share of a salary from an airline job. Rita has done well in her professional objective by focusing more on what passengers want, making them a priority and not herself.

Rita speaks three languages fluently – English, French and Akan. Akan refers to the language of the Akan ethnic group of Ghana. It is also spoken in the central and eastern part of Cote d’Ivoire. She is a shy character but when it comes to professional communication, you will be surprised at the excellent communication and interpersonal skills that she has.

Rita, an integral asset

As a full member of, Ritah joins over 99 000 other young aviation enthusiasts from all across Africa who are also members of this giant platform. is a Christian community created to help all those who desire to pursue careers in the aviation industry by linking them with Affordable Training, Networking and Job opportunities worldwide.

Have you joined

Although`s reach is global, it is primarily aimed at helping Africans from low income households. Rita`s membership on this platform gives her a head-start in her aviation career path and also ensures that she becomes an integral member of her local community. She is a very active member and not long from now, her aviation career goals will be fulfilled. Make no mistake about it, you will see Rita flying high very soon.


We love Rita and we wish her the very best in her endeavors. Click here to view her profile or to contact her.


Questions for YOU:


  1. What can we do to ensure that female participation in the aviation industry is increased?


  1. One way to ensure that aviation has the future workforce it needs is to ensure that enthusiasm at a young age is encouraged. What can we do to promote enthusiasm in aviation?


  1. What challenges are you facing in your pursuit of an aviation related career and how are you planning to solve them?




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  1. Good day i am a single mom i live in United States. I want online job can you help?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Rita. I read your comment several hours ago and it moved me so much that I found no perfect way to adequately respond to it. Anyway, I just thought I could come out in the open a bit and let you know that I am proud of you. is a better community today because of people like you who refuse to give up on their dreams when everything around them is begging them to. Keep on keeping on Rita and we hope to fly with you someday.

    Yes We Can Fly!

  3. Into the dim lit, bare walls of different countries but one people. Out of nowhere, I chanced into on Facebook. Not only did I bump into them, they brought me hope and made me see my dream from a different perspective. Of intelligence, charm and of personality, with tender coaching, added meaning to my aviation dreams. I look upon all these fondly, then I thought of bringing forth a thankful note of which walks in these halls with me.

    My connection with you has become a part of my world now; it has its special place within my being and heart. Your name hangs right beside my smiling face at this very moment, remembering just how you have worked on my CV and making me your high flyer girl of the month of October, 2017.

    I’m thankful for the light you’ve shown on my path so far. I may not remember everything you’ve done for me but I will definitely remember how special you make me feel today. To me, no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.

    Thank You for being such a wonderful friend, coach and motivator. Thank you for believing in my dreams and for having full confidence in me. I will surely land a job aviation and I shall make you proud……I promise you nothing but success in my pursuit of living my dreams.

    I appreciate you a lot.

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