Near Mid-Air Collis...

Near Mid-Air Collision In Tanzanina Airspace  


Leslie Shumba
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11/09/2018 8:11 pm  

Two planes nearly collided in the Tanzanian Airspace on the 29th of August. An Italian leisure Airline Neos Boeing 767-30ER with a flight number of NOs252 nearly collided with an Ethiopian Boeing 737-800 with flight number ET858 at 37000 feet.
What Really Happened?
Both Aircraft were on a collision course,same altitude and crossing paths nearly at the same time. This occurred around 0023Z. The Ethiopian Pilots received various warnings from the aircrafts TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) which prompted the pilots to enter steep climb. The Ethiopian Boeing climbed and initially flew at an initial altitude of 38000 feet.
Just Imagine the TCAS system saved us from yet another accident. But my question is where was the Air Traffic Controller or how didn't he notice it? Modern day Airport radars are equipped with warnings if planes dangerously get close to each other. Did they receive the warning or they ignored it ? Its a matter to debate about
Lets get your input on this, what do you think really transpired in the Controllers Tower?


Tinashe Nyangombe
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11/09/2018 9:54 pm  

Good question Captain Shumba. Let`s hear what the others will have to say on this one. Thanks for sharing.

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