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Freelance Flight Attendant Vacancies - Global Airways  


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Flight Attendant Vacancies - Global Airways

Global Airways is presently hiring experienced flight attendants for freelance positions please forward your curriculum vitae to


Application Requirements:


Minimum Age of 25 not older than 45 


• Holder of a valid SACAA Crew license
• Prior airline experience 
• Minimum height of 1.60m and maximum of 1.95m. Applicable weight with BMI to height ratio
• Valid Passport 
• Valid Medical 
• NO visible tattoos or piercings* 
• Fluent in English, secondary international language will be advantageous 
• Willingness to do shift work and work out of the country for up to 12 weeks at a time. Average being 8 weeks 
• Intercultural competence 
• High level of service orientation 
• Outgoing, strong communication skills and able to work in a team 
• Sociable conduct and well-groomed appearance is a must 
• Sense of duty even in stressful situations, diplomatic even in difficult situations
• Liberated, dedicated, and proactive
• Sense of responsibility and reliability


As a flight attendant, you will be representing Global Airways and/or its clients and should therefore not have any noticeable piercings (female crew is permitted to have ear piercings but regulated to Global Always Uniform Policy), any tongue piercings or dental jewelry or tattoos in noticeable areas.


The following are regarded as visible areas:

Tattoos on neck, head or décolleté or lower third of the forearm. Tattoos on arms, legs, and feet are only permitted if they can be covered completely by the uniform at all times. They must not be visible in the uniform.


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