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Why You Should Be Cautious About The Way You Use Internet !!!  


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27/09/2018 4:44 pm  

Its believed that today weather we like or not we build our personal portrait online. By portrait we refer to who you are online.
It’s shocking to say these days companies are hiring based on your online portraits. Yes, its not just an interview anymore a full analysis of online activity is also considered part of the screening process. There’s only one thing to understand here for every activity you make online a footprint is formed.
What Is A Footprint?
A Digital Footprint is all the stuff/data you leave behind as you utilize the Internet e.g. Comments, likes ,retweets on social media , Skype logs, app use and email records- it’s part of your online history and can be seen by other people (employers mainly), or stored in a database.
How Can This Affect You As An Individual?
When screening people , employers have reverted to performing background check through the internet. For an employer a CV and interviews do reveal the true character of an individual so employers revert to Online Background checks. This process ensures the individual can be trusted with the Job.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Internet Portrait Meets The Standards Required For The Job ?
These are just some of our Tips.
1. Enter your name on your search engine and moderate what content comes out.
2. Stay away from political posts or try not to comment on any.
3. Secure all your accounts.
4. Delete content that you might see as negative.
5. Do not share any personal information to anyone.
6. Avoid Cyber bullying cases.
7. Ensure you have adequate picture to satisfy an employer.
8. Choose your friends wisely.
9. Moderate content before posting
10. Use your own devices to login into any of your accounts
11. Minimize the amount of devices you use.

This is a secret that employers have never told  candidates and employees so we encourage you to mind what you do on the internet. ? 

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