A Look Into Emirates Cabin Crew Training Program

What Really Is Involved In The Training Program? Let’s face it, everybody loves the opportunity to work for Emirates Airlines. I do. The airline is highly reputable for 5-star service, staff enthusiasm, generous compensation of staff, friendliness and overall hospitality. Without denying it, even the crew uniforms are awesome! But how exactly do you get to […]

How To Become A Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

As you may already know, working in the field of aviation is quite interesting and rewarding. The profession of Flight Attendant gives you a great opportunity to climb the aviation career ladder. Also,  it gives you a golden opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. Certainly, there will always be the crazy ones, but […]

How To Make Your Cabin Crew Application Stand Out

Cabin Crew Application

Give Your Cabin Crew Application The “X” Factor Every day thousands and thousands of people apply for cabin crew positions worldwide. It is in your best interest to try make your application stand out from the rest. “Recruiters spend an average of only 4 – 6 seconds reviewing your resume” – The Ladders   Take […]

Airline Job Scams-8 Signs To Help You Identify Them

Scams scams scams. Why are people so heartless? Lately, we have been receiving reports of many aviation enthusiasts who have been swindled over the internet by scammers who are pretending to represent some certain airlines.The latest story about a girl called Lesedi* almost brought tears to my eyes. Out of desperation for a Flight Attendant`s […]

Qatar Airways Open Day – How To Prepare

Qatar Airways Openings Kenya

Tips On How To Prepare For A Qatar Airways Open Day Qatar Airways is always having Open Day events every now and then. Anyone who has the dream of becoming Cabin Crew has had at least penciled one of these events in their diary.An Open Day event is very simple in nature. It is basically […]

What Are The Roles of A Flight Attendant?

What Are Roles Of A Flight Attendant

A wake-up call… A few month’s ago, I, like most of the people out there looked at Flight Attendants and thought “wow, they have an easy job, just getting paid to look pretty and fly around, awesome.” I think that is pretty much why I jumped in headlong when I got a chance to train […]