And The HOTTEST Flight Attendants In Africa Are…

Most beautiful Flight Attendants

They are undeniably the hottest Everybody esteems Flight Attendants as naturally sexy and attractive. Maybe it`s because of the beautiful uniforms they wear, or maybe it`s just because of their glamorous cheerfulness when carrying out their duties of service. A simple Google search of the hottest Flight Attendants will draw up hundreds of photos. They […]

Do You REALLY Want To Work For Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is recruiting again

Qatar Airways – your ultimate dream? Imagine yourself working for Qatar Airways as a Cabin Crew member. What a beautiful thought indeed. The state-owned flag carrier of Qatar is highly prestigious and is well known for its emphasis on high-quality in-flight standards. Together with Emirates and Etihad Airways, Qatar joins to complete what is known […]

A Look Into Emirates Cabin Crew Training Program

What Really Is Involved In The Training Program? Let’s face it, everybody loves the opportunity to work for Emirates Airlines. I do. The airline is highly reputable for 5-star service, staff enthusiasm, generous compensation of staff, friendliness and overall hospitality. Without denying it, even the crew uniforms are awesome! But how exactly do you get to […]